"Feels like home to me."

A letter from Momma Squirrel:

 "If you're reading this, my guess is that you're considering going through sorority recruitment at Troy University. I'll go ahead and introduce myself before I give my two cents on rush and all things Alpha Gam. My name is Josie Gagliano and I am the Alpha Experience Coordinator for Alpha Gamma Delta. Better known as "Momma Squirrel!" Maybe you're the person who is super excited about recruitment! I was the girl who wasn't sure if I wanted to join a sorority. I was so beyond nervous and anxious about coming off to college. I had always heard the stereotypical sorority stories and didn't really know much about them, but I decided to go through rush anyways. It was one of the best experiences of my life. As you're preparing to come through recruitment, I just want to encourage you to come in with an open mind and heart. Don't worry about what you wear or if your hair and makeup are perfect. During one of my parties, there was a thunderstorm and my mascara and hair were everywhere. We're not worried about what name brand you're wearing or how long you spent getting ready. We just want to get to know YOU. Be yourself and go where you instantly feel like you're at home. I always thought it was super cheesy when girls would say they found their home away from home, but that's exactly what I've found in Alpha Gamma Delta. It literally is my home away from home (I'm one of the 14 crazy squirrels who lives in the house). I've found my dance partners, my guaranteed lunch dates, my shoulder to cry on, my encouragers, and my friends for life. All the squirrels at Alpha Gam can't wait to meet each of you and share what we love most about our sisterhood! See you soon at the Nut House!!"  


Troy University holds Formal Recruitment the week prior to the beginning of fall semester classes. Students may register for recruitment at the following web link: Click here!

Please have the following information available when filling out recruitment information:

  • Email address
  • High school address and phone number
  • High school GPA
  • Name, address and phone numbers of two guardians
  • If you have attended college, your hours completed and GPA
  • List of high school activities
  • Digital picture of yourself that can be downloaded
  • Debit card, credit card or check information to pay online

Hazing: Alpha Gamma Delta has a zero-tolerance policy in regards to hazing, as does Troy University. International Council is dedicated to eradicating hazing from all collegiate chapters because hazing has no place in Alpha Gamma Delta.



Forms may be accessed online at www.alphagammadelta.org

Please send all recommendation forms to alphagammadelta@yahoo.com or mail to:

Alpha Gamma Delta

600 University Ave

PO Box 820981

Troy, AL 36082